Renewable Energy For Our Future


Anyox Location

The only access to Anyox is by boat, float plane or helicopter. Anyox Creek drains a catchment area of approximately 125 square kilometers (above the dam) and is fed by a combination of glacial meltwater and runoff from the mountain slopes that rim the catchment basin. For its final few kilometers, the creek flows through a winding canyon that contains several rapids and waterfalls. The final large waterfall is located adjacent to the powerhouse site and approximately 250 meters upstream from the discharge point into Granby Bay on Observatory Inlet. This large waterfall creates a barrier to anadromous fish, and none exist on Anyox creek above this point.

Kitsault Location

Access to the project sites is now by helicopter, although it is possible to land a float plane on Kitsault Lake. Existing roads lead to the site, but they are overgrown and need some bridge repairs. The upper Kitsault River area is located approximately 30 kilometers southwest of Stewart and about 150 kilometers northeast of Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Three rivers, the Upper Kitsault, West Kitsault, and Homestake Creek, combine at a common confluence point to form the Kitsault River, which empties into Alice Arm near the Town of Alice Arm. Alice Arm connects to Observatory Inlet and is part of a narrow fjord system that has its terminus at Portland Inlet on the pacific Ocean.