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Anyox Timeline

Water Licenses

Received Water License for Anyox Creek from LWBC July, 2003.

Land Tenures

  • Dam and Powerhouse Lots at Anyox owned in Fee Simple by AHEC.
  • Crown Land tenures required for various project works including the 3.2 kilometer tunnel have been obtained.

Design & Engineering

  • Advanced stage engineering shows the Anyox plant to be 30MW nameplate capacity c/w (2) 15MW Francis turbine/generator units with large, heavy flywheels. Gilkes, a well known manufacturer out of Kendal, England has been awarded the Equipment Procurement contract for all projects in early 2006
  • The existing surge tank and surge protection system at Anyox Plant will not be restored. A large fly wheel application has been designed.
  • Advanced stage Penstock and tunnel design for a 3.2 KM tunnel from the Anyox storage dam to the Anyox Powerhouse was completed in early 2005. Both upstream and downstream tunnel portals were established in the Fall of 2005. 100 metres of tunnel was completed at each end of the tunnel. The rock conditions encountered were excellent. RokTek was the successful bidder for the Anyox Tinnel completion project and was awarded the tunnel contract in early 2006.
  • Anyox Hydrometric station installed June, 2002 by Viasat Data Systems.

Dam Rehabilitation

  • Levelton Stage I and Stage II concrete analysis and rehabilitation studies were completed in the summer of 2004. Additional reports were prepared by Levelton Engineering to outline the location, scope and type of repairs envisioned for the dam rehabilitation program. Contractors are currently bidding on the Dam Rehab project referred to as the ‘Balance of Plant’ bid.
  • A general dam condition report completed by Levelton has provided AHEC with a list of repair specifications and supporting drawings.
  • The final ‘Dam Stability Study’ and accompanying flood study was undertaken in 2005. An almost identical sister dam to the Anyox Dam exists in the United States and the team was able to utilize a pre existing computer model to perform simulations. The results were very encouraging and show that the Anyox Dam, once rehabilitated to its former state of construction will be a very competent structure capable of passing the one in one thousand year flood event.
  • Existing radial arm gate along with Siphon Spillway and (3) 30′ low water outlet valves and new intake structure will pass flood water.
  • Downstream hazard remains low.
  • Seismic study based on the Queen Charlottes 1982 magnitude 8.2 earthquake shows the general area to be tectonically sound.
  • Full access roads are in place to the upstream Grapple Yarder location and to the downstream base of the Anyox Dam.
  • Clearing of the Anyox Reservoir debris upstream of the storage dam was 65% completed in June 2006.
  • A new access road into the Anyox Reservoir was completed in June 2006. This new road passes right along side the existing Radial Gate. The Radial Gate is capable of being restored fairly easily and this will save thousands of dollars.
  • All three 30″ low water outlet valves situated at the base of the Anyox Storage Dams were opened successfully and then closed successfully by Dave Knox of Chant Construction during low water prior to the 2006 freshet. The existing butterfly valves are in excellent condition and are capable of being refurbished. These valves are operated by a worm gear mechanism and with time the steel casings that house the large worm gears and the 3″ Monel valve shaft assemblies have cracked. Anyox Hydro has contracted with Harbor Machinery in Prince Rupert to manufacture brand new casings.
  • The entire rusted and degraded Railing System along the 685 foot crest length of the ‘Anyox Storage Dam’ was removed and a rated Safety Cable System was installed by Chant Construction across the dam. Save and easy access to all sections of the Anyox Dam is a key priority.
  • d to Graves Point was built early 2006.

Geotechnical Engineering & Tunnel Studies

  • Klohn Crippen completed a geotechnical analysis of the proposed tunnel alignment at Anyox along with a study of the concrete/rock interface for the storage dam and powerhouse foundations.
  • Additional testing of rock recovered from the initial tunneling program was undertaken in 2005 and 'Borrow Sites' were located and tested for construction aggregate usage.

Transmission Line Interconnection to Grid

  • BCTC Stage I Interconnection Study completed spring, 2004. The 'Final Interconnection Study' was completed in early 2006.
  • Budgets established for Interconnection costs (including communication links to Anyox and Alice Arm) and network upgrade costs.
  • Anyox and Kitsault projects are all capable of being successfully interconnected at BC Hydro's Kitsault sub-station.
  • BCTC has now changed its tariff structure as of March, 2006 and the implications of this change are being studied.

Construction Progress

  • Roads successfully completed to upstream and downstream sides of Anyox Dam in 2003 and 2004.
  • All culverts and grading completed June, 2004.
  • Barge and loading facilities were re-established at the deep water port of Anyox in 2003. In anticipation of heavy construction the barge loading ramp was upgraded considerably by John Turpin in the summer of 2005. Steel piles were driven into the bay near the port to tether the boom log that is tied to Aqua Transporter. The old wooden piles of Anyox are slowly deteriorating and every year a few more of the original Anyox pilings subside into Granby Bay.
  • Road to #1 Powerhouse completed summer, 2004.
  • A 42 man construction camp, formerly of Chambers Creek was installed at Anyox in the Summer of 2005 and is now manned all year around. The camp is first class and the tunnel miners who worked through the Fall of 2005 had many good things to say about Anyox. A second, 54 man construction camp was added at Anyox in 2006 on a prepared site adjacent to the existing camp above.
  • The former cookhouse on Aqua Transporter was put to rest in the summer of 2005 with the arrival of the new camp and this former initial lodgings for our crews at Anyox in 2002 have been converted to a dry storage facility next to the newly installed dock facilities. Aqua Transporter's 7 ton crane is still a very valuable asset and is used frequently in the moving of goods.
  • Along with the Construction Camp which sports a fully equipped commercial kitchen there is a generator house containing 95KV and 65KV diesel generators for electricity and a small work shop structure. There are two 2,500 gallon fresh water storage tanks contained in a newly constructed 'Water Building'. This water is taken from Anyox Creek via a 1.5 kilometre 2' plastic water line.
  • A 5 acre graded construction 'Lay Down' area was completed in early 2006 near the former Anyox Steam Plant. A new 3km roa