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Anyox Cemetery and Ghost Tourism


Anyox Cemetery and Ghost Tourism

About six years ago Rob Bryce and I were fishing the Nass River in late March if I recall in very low conditions. The water levels were too low in fact for the steelhead to get back into their native streams and so they were hanging around the main stem Nass.

It was a day for the ages but more importantly, Rob’s affiliation with the University of Northern BC and his long time guidance of the UNBC’s “Experiential” tourism programs in Northern BC led us quite naturally to discuss the prospect of bringing groups into Anyox and Alice Arm for a truly unique experience.

Adventurous trekkers, BC history buffs, relatives of former residents of Anyox and Alice Arm, lovers of the great outdoors and generally curious people had over the years contacted both of us independently and now we discussed an alliance that would enable us to piggyback off the UNBC’s client base and its great marketing programs to make this happen in an organized and safe way.

“Ghost Town Tours” were born that day and have grown steadily in popularity. Each year we bring in groups of up to ten people, occasionally more, to enjoy the wild splendour of the Observatory inlet and its two terminal arms, Hastings Arm and Alice Arm.

Rob is a fixture on all of these tours, and I come along whenever possible. It is a privilege to be in these places and Anyox never ceases to amaze. Below for your reading interest is the final result of Rob’s considerable efforts to bring back the memories of the people of Anyox who paid the ultimate price and now rest in peace amongst a beautiful grove of Sitka spruce that have somehow managed to co-exist and thrive in Anyox’s Cemetery.

Anyox Cemetery Bulletin

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