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Kitsault Timeline

Water Licenses

  • Kitsault Storage Dam Project (7MW) received its water license in August, 2003.
  • West Kitsault River received its water license in August, 2003.
  • Homestake Creek (14MW) received its water license in August, 2003.
  • Trout Creek (5MW) received its water liscense in January, 2005.

Land Tenures

  • A working agreement to restore the Kitsault Highway #82 and #83 was executed in late 2003 providing Kitsault Hydro Electric Corporation rights to restore the abandoned road which runs from the docks of Alice Arm to the Dolly Varden Silver mine at Mile 16. The road building team headed by Ed Gavelin reached the former Dolly Varden Silver Mine in the Fall of 2005.
  • Crown granted land tenures for the powerhouse/switchyard.
  • Locations for diversion works along with penstock alignments have been secured from LWBC in 2004/2005, covering Homestake Creek, Trout Creek and the Kitsault River Storage Project.
  • T-line right of ways secured in 2004 and 2005 including a 1.2 mile underwater link to the Kitsault side of Alice Arm.

Design & Engineering

  • Final stage design of rigid plastic/steel penstock in progress.
  • Aerial Mapping completed 2004 and 2005 by Eagle Mapping.
  • Powerhouse sites determined and diversion works designed.
  • Replacement Kitsault Dam was designed in 2005.
  • Hydrometric stations installed on each system and in Kitsault Lake in 2003.
  • Replaced Data Logger in lower Kitsault River to maintain data continuity for this former ‘Water Surveys Canada’ site originally installed in 1982.
  • Twenty years of hydrology data now synthesized.

Kitsault Lake Dam Rehabilitation

  • Existing timber crib, rock fill dam was re-engineered in 2002/2003 to reduce downstream hazard of failure to the town of Alice Arm.
  • Crest height of dam was lowered and existing parapet wall was removed.
  • Several cubic meters of rock fill were re-introduced to this dam's core where scouring had occurred over the years.
  • The spillway was rebuilt and enlarged for passing high water.
  • Thanks to the Gingolx Village Government who contributed three community members to this project.

Interconnection to Grid

  • BCTC has successfully completed the Stage I interconnection study in spring, 2004.
  • All projects can be successfully interconnected.
  • The 'Final Interconnection Study' was completed in early 2006.

Construction Progress

  • Kitsault Hydro Electric Corporation has successfully rehabilitated 30 kilometers of road during the 2004 and 2005 construction seasons.
  • Eleven new clear span bridges were installed and certain former bridges were removed where they had fallen into salmon bearing streams and were impeding the passage of salmon and silting up spawning beds.
  • Working closely with DFO, Kitsault Hydro has a full-time environmental monitor working on the road restoration project.
  • In the fall of 2004 in-stream Coho rearing boxes were installed to help improve the initial survival rates of wild Coho fry in tributaries of the lower Kitsault River.
  • Kitsault Hydro is committed to working closely with DFO and is a proponent of such environmentally benign methods of enhancing the lower Kitsault River Coho and Chinook fishery.
  • The objective nowis to have temporary access roads to Kitsault Lake, Trout Creek diversion works and Homestake Creek diversion works by the late Summer of 2013.