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Kitsault History

The Upper Kitsault River area is noted for its extensive mineralization and, in particular, the abundance of silver. It is perhaps the largest remaining horde of silver ore in North America. In the vicinity of the project sites, three mines operated, including Dolly Varden Mine, which operated from 1919 to 1940. A narrow gauge railway line and roads were constructed to connect the mines to the thriving communities of Alice Arm and Silver City. Much of the ore was smelted at Anyox.

The Kitsault dam was originally constructed in the early 1920's by Dolly Varden to impound water for the mine operation's associated waterpower project. Additionally, a powerhouse was constructed at the confluence of the Kitsault River and Homestake Creek. Evidence of the wooden flume penstock and powerhouse still exist, as does the dam, but the project is abandoned.